The Presbyterian Home of Hawfields provides many different services in order to best accommodate the needs and wants of the Residents.

24 Nursing Services
We have nurses on staff in order to provide around the clock care for our Residents who require nurse-level care. Our nurses are always available to promptly respond to any urgent need that may arise for any of the Residents, providing a constant level of care.

Emergency Services
We have professionally trained staff ready to assist our Independent Living Residents in case emergencies arise and need immediate attention.

Dietary and Nutritional Services
The Dietary service is managed by Certified Dietary Managers in cooperation with a consulting Dietitian. At Presbyterian Home of Hawfields we understand how important a positive mealtime experience is to the residents. We value residents input and we work hard to meet the resident’s nutritional needs and to honor their food preferences. Menus are nutritionally adequate and offer a wide variety of healthy meals. Special dietary services are available for residents on restricted diets or have specific food allergies. We offer multiple Dining areas that provide various levels of assistance to the residents at mealtime. The residents are encouraged to be as independent as possible with their meals. The trained staff will provide what level of assistance each resident requires. Residents are encouraged to attend monthly meetings with Dietary Managers, where they can make known their suggestions concerning meals.

Medical Services
Arrangements are made for Residents to receive regular care from local professionals representing many medical specialties in nearby Mebane, Graham and Burlington.

Assistance Teams
Sometimes, all we need is some help- and we provide staff to step in for assistance to make the lives of the Residents easier. We have Whirlpool Assistance teams to help the residents with bathing; and we have Feeding Teams to assist the Residents with mealtimes to encourage them to get the nutrition that they need.

Therapy Services
We provide therapy services for the Residents who meet the criteria. For more information regarding the criteria involved or for more information to coordinate sessions with previously scheduled therapy, please contact the Business Office.

Pharmacy Services
In order to make life more convenient for all the Residents, Pharmacy services are available to everyone at the Home.

Beauty Salon
A beautician comes on a regularly scheduled basis to keep Residents looking their best.

Laundry Services
Laundry services for personal items of clothing are offered for a reasonable fee. For more information, please contact the Business Office.

Home of Hawfields

Retirement living that respects the dignity and individualism of its residents. Our Home is a place to continue old friendships and begin new ones.


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